Kanzz financial planning is the consultancy for all your financial questions. Making the right financial choices can often be difficult and complex. Kanzz ensures that it becomes understandable and clear for you again, so that you can make informed decisions and sleep peacefully. Our advice is tailor-made and 100% independent. Kanzz collaborates closely with other specialists such as estate agents, civil-law notaries, accountants and lawyers. Book an appointment or visit our office in Helmond.

Personal advice

Kanzz financial planning is a boutique office in Helmond (Brandevoort) established in 2018 by Hans Maasakkers CFP® RLP®, a certified financial planner (CFP®) and registerd Life Planner (RLP®) with 20+ years of experience at banks such as ABN AMRO and ING.

“I would like to get to know you personally. What’s on your mind, what’s really important to you in life? This is how I make a plan that ensures that you can make your dreams come true. I hold a mirror up to you so I can show you the consequences of the choices that you are making right now. This is how you know whether your wishes are realistic.”

Everyone has to deal with changes during their life that also have financial consequences. Such events are called life events. Examples are buying a house, getting married or living together, retirement or receiving an inheritance. These events not only have short-term consequences, but certainly long-term consequences as well.

“On a daily basis I give people a pleasant surprise when I tell them about the possibilities and benefits of financial planning. Usually, good planning ultimately yields more than it costs! And let’s be honest: financial peace of mind cannot be expressed in a number: it’s priceless.”

If you have financial questions, you want to be able to rely on someone who will provide assistance and advice. Kanzz is there to help you.

Our office is within easy reach and only 7 minutes by train from Eindhoven Central Station. Simply book your first free appointment. See you soon!

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