Home and living

"Your home is more than your mortgage"

Home and living

What does home and living mean to you?

Maybe you already have your eye on a house and you know what you want. Or you are still in doubt because you have not yet made up your mind.

Are you going for an existing home with authentic elements or are you opting for new construction with lots of space and the latest energy-efficient measures? Both have their own pros and cons. What will you choose? And better yet: why do you make that choice? What suits your life right now and in the future?

Ask yourself the question: what does home and living mean to me? This will give you a clear idea of what your choices should be. Living is more than taking out a mortgage. It is consciously choosing what and where your home is and why.

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Being well-prepared

That is the best way to buy a home.

In the current housing market, it is important to prepare well before you make a bid for a house or transfer your mortgage. I take into account your dreams, goals and wishes and why you make certain choices. This gives you clarity about your financial position, experience and your risk appetite.

Buying a home is not an overnight process. That’s why I’ll weigh up the pros and cons with you. This way you are well prepared and you can make an appointment with the estate agent without any worries.

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From viewing to signing

Kanzz Calculation

During the first meeting we get acquainted and calculate what the maximum mortgage can be in your situation.


You are going to look at new homes. Make an appointment for a viewing, preferably in daylight. This gives you a good idea of the incidence of light and it is easier for you to see the state of maintenance.

Second viewing

Are you excited? Then you should definitely go for a second viewing. Preferably take someone with you. A buying agent can help. They often see different things or ask questions that you hadn't thought of. They know the market and the ‘game’ more than anybody else.

Making a bid

You can make a bid with confidence because the Kanzz Calculation has shown you what you can bid. You always have 3 days to change your mind after making the bid.

Purchase agreement

The estate agent draws up the purchase agreement. I will keep a close eye on matters such as resolutive conditions, the bank guarantee and date of execution to ensure that they are realistic and feasible.


I will arrange the mortgage for you. You can read more about this in the section on mortgages: (Kanzz.nl/en/mortgages)

Choose what suits you best

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    When you move to a new country there are a lot of things that you must arrange. Holland Expat Center South is here to help you to settle into the province of Noord-Brabant! More info: Hollandexpatcenter.com/en.


  • Key terms

    Cooling off period
    As a buyer you may terminate the agreement regarding the purchase
    during a cooling-off period of 3 days without giving any reason. There are no costs involved. After that, you can only cancel the purchase if you have to invoke one of the resolutive conditions. 

    Resolutive conditions
    Be sure to carefully draw up the resolutive conditions in the purchase contract. This way you can cancel the purchase if necessary. For example, are you not able to obtain a mortgage? Then you must dissolve the purchase agreement in writing within a certain period. As proof you often also have to send a rejection of the mortgage application from at least one finance company.
    Be ware; the wording of a resolutive condition is important and if there is no resolutive condition, you cannot get rid of the agreement at all. Not even if you don’t get the mortgage.

    Bank guarantee
    When you buy a home, you usually don’t pay the purchase price right away. This happens when the notarial deed for delivery at the notary is signed, sometimes months later. To protect the sellers, in most cases they want you as a buyer to deposit a deposit or provide a bank guarantee after signing the deed of sale. This gives the seller more certainty that you will actually purchase the home.

    This deposit is usually 10% of the agreed purchase price and must usually be paid within one week after the expiry of the resolutive conditions. You transfer this deposit to the notary.

    If you do not have enough savings to deposit this deposit, the bank guarantee is an alternative. Whit a bank guarantee the bank declares that is guarantees the amount if you do not meet the obligations. A bank guarantee has the advantage that you do not have to use your savings.
    Providing a bank guarantee costs money. The bank usually charges 1% of the amount for which the bank guarantee costs.

  • Make an offer

    If you want to make an offer on a home this must be submitted in writing. Making an offer is therefore never binding. Even if your offer is accepted by the seller. Your offer is only binding if the seller has agreed and the sale has been recorded in the purchase contract.


  • Valuation report

    In many cases, a valuation report is required to obtain the mortgage. An appraisal is used to estimate the value of a home. In the event of a renovation, the appraiser also makes an estimate of the value after is has been completed.


  • Building inspection

    A structural engineer will help you investigate the structural condition of the home. He provides an inspection report with an exact description of the state of maintenance of the home. In addition, it gives you an insight into the costs of getting the house in good condition.

  • Newly built house

    Most new-build homes and apartments are built within a larger project. This is also known as project construction. It has advantages for you as a buyer, but it also gives you a little less freedom than when you have a custom home built.

    Building together 
    You hear it more and more often, a group of people realizing their dream home together. Collective Private Commissioning called CPO. Examples of this are: iedereenkanbouwen.nl.

    If you buy or have a piece of land, you can have a house built on it that fits your own taste. You ensure that all parties (architect, contractor, etc.) work well together. You make decisions and monitor the planning. You can of course also hire an experienced project manager to help you.

    Catalog house
    Many construction companies offer catalog homes; fixes models that you can adapt to your wishes. You can compare it with buying a car: A fixed entrylevel model, but you can adapt is to your own wishes. The advantage of a catalog house is that they can often be built more quickly and are relatively cheap.
    Examples are: groothuis.nl livingstone.org or brummelhuis.nl.

  • Existing house

    An existing home generally has a lot more ambience than a new-build home. In addition, the neighborhood is usually more developed. As a buyer, you can often take over movable articles of goods such as curtains of the carpet. The garden is often already laid out.

    The supply of existing homes is much larger and moren varied thad the number of newly built homes. Furthermore, the time between purchase and transfer is much shorten than with a house that only exists on paper.

    Because the house is not new, you may experience higher maintenance costs in the first few years. Depending on the condition of the house, you can even spend a lot of money on overdue maintenance. Perhaps the house is poorly insulated of the heating and electricity are outdated. You will then need an extra capital injection.


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